Sustainable Business Practices

We take great pride in keeping production close to home. Over the last 4 years, our main priority has been setting up a sustainable supply chain in order to create products of the highest possible quality.

Worldwide Sourcing

Considerable efforts have been taken to find the best materials available. From using Riri zippers made in Italy or hight quality Canadian leathers, you'll find a different story behind each piece. 

Our Story

Created with a passion to make high quality products, we try to bridge the gap between everyday classics and bespoke menswear. 

Born almost 5 years ago, Dangerfield was a small side project making 1 piece at a time. Over the last few years, we have been lucky enough to add a few key stockists across the country and are continuing to grow. 

Our goal is to create a brand that does not adhere to a conventional business model. A smaller, local operation allows us to maintain the level of quality our customers expect when investing in anything we produce.